Carol Younghusband


Projects currently being written and/or in development

The Truth

TV thriller

A four-part series set in Covent Garden, London; where twenty somethings are striving to be at the top of their game in the arts and entertainment industry; and where it doesn’t matter if you work all night, sleep little and juggle three jobs to make ends meet.


Two strangers conspire to avenge the death of their siblings, but one isn’t telling the truth.

Final Salute

Family Feature Film

Ruby Warren is 12 and her life sucks. Her dad has left, her mother has relocated them to a manky caravan park in Portsmouth where her great grandad is dying, she is bullied at her new school and has no friends. But an old tape recording is about to change her life for the better. 


A troubled young girl and a teenage WWII soldier help the last surviving veteran of D-Day take his final salute.

Falling for You

Falling for You

Romantic Comedy Feature


When a divorced Mum of three falls and hits her head, she regresses to a teenage state at the most embarrassing times and is desperate to find out what’s triggering it before her wedding day.